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G pulleys

The development of this range of pulleys centres around two main objectives:
- to combine the advantage of ergonomic design, versatility, and a high load capacity.
- to reduce the cost of production through use of economical construction processes.
In the context of industrialisation, the cost criteria are essential as much in terms of fabrication and stock as in terms of maintenance.


1. Design:
   Rupture     8 tonnes
   Travail     6.5 tonnes
   Diamétre de Réa      80 mm
   Encombrement     130x30

A design favouring:
- simplicity: this pulley is made up of only five components, three of which are industrial.

- versatility: double and triple pulleys, flat deck pulleys, etc.


- reliability: this pulley has been studied and tested in order to check and double check choices of dimension, geometry, and materials. It is the result of a series of trials conducted in the context of both simulated (using FEA - Finite Element Analysis) and real conditions over several years. The analysis allows the team to fully understand load patterns in the structure, and to ensure that the laminate is as light as possible to maximise performance, but not so light as to encroach on safety margins.


The design also benefits from the added reliability afforded by the use of industrial components.

2. Characteristics

The general concept enables the production of carbon fiber, stainless steel, or aluminium pulleys, thus allowing choice and adaptation of the materials to use of the pulley.


Mechanical trials and estimates permit us to define the following characteristics :